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Tanning at Bally Total Fitness Fisher's Landing is provide by EuroTan USA


In May of 2003 The Health Experience was sold to Bally Total Fitness 

This website is no longer maintained with updated schedules or information regarding the club.

Updated information regarding Bally Total Fitness can be obtained here

Tanning at the Bally Total Fitness Fisher's Landing Club is still provided by EuroTan USA

and we invite you to call us 360.604.0333

The rest of this website is available for nostalgic and historic reasons



Class Descriptions

Last revised January 25th, 2003



Classes are designed for ALL levels!

Just let the instructor know if you have questions, they love to help!


v     Cardio Mix:  Do you get bored with cardio?  Variety is essential for your routine.  Break away from your day and join us for a cardio workout.  You can go at your own pace, beginning to advanced!

v     Ab Solution: Does your middle need a little special attention?  This 30-minute class will focus on moves that will give core strength.

v     Precision Cycle:  Indoor group cycling is one of the best ways to increase caloric expenditure- usually around 500 calories per 45-minute session!  The result? Accelerated fat-loss and increased cardiovascular capacity.  This class allows individuals of all fitness levels from beginner to advanced to participate together, yet achieve a perfect individual workout!  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN SWEAT TOWEL!!  Bikes are available on a first come first serve basis.

v     Kickboxing:  Looking to relieve some stress?  High energy, fun and easy to learn, non-contact kickboxing is a fantastic workout.  Proper technique with punches and kicks will be reviewed.  No previous experience or equipment required!

v     Pilates:  (mat class) Pilates develops flexibility with emphasis on working from the “core” of the body (abdominal and back muscles).  A perfect accent to any cardio or strength training workout!  Open to all levels of fitness.  Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

v     Step:  Bench stepping has stood the test of time by continually providing a low impact, challenging and fun way to get your cardiovascular workout.  This class allows you to choose a low, medium or high intensity experience depending on the height of your bench.  Class also includes conditioning segment for the abs and low back. Open to all levels of fitness.

v     S.W.A.T.-(strength with athletic training)- This strength and endurance class incorporates hand weights, barbells, and tubing within the workout increase lean muscle mass.  This class is for anyone wanting to improve their power and strength.

v     Total Body Workout:  A class specially designed for those looking for diversity in their workout routine.  Cardiovascular exercise as well as strength using physio balls, tubing or dumbbells.  All participants are encouraged to work at their own intensity.

v     Tai Chi- Meditation in motion.  This internal discipline enables you to initiate movements from the core of the body.

v     Power Yoga- This class combines basic yoga movement with stretch & strength.  This style has powerful and vigorous overtones.

v     Hatha Yoga- This yoga style integrates asanas (postures), breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to harmonize you on every level-body, mind and spirit.

v     Dance Party- A great way to end your week and start your weekend! Get fit! Get funky!  It’s an easy to follow, high-energy class combining basic funk, house & jazz dance.

Class Schedules


or more information contact

Dawn Chacon

(picture and bio)



or call 360.891.1698

Ext. 315 for voice mail



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