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Tanning at Bally Total Fitness Fisher's Landing is provide by EuroTan USA


In May of 2003 The Health Experience was sold to Bally Total Fitness 

This website is no longer maintained with updated schedules or information regarding the club.

Updated information regarding Bally Total Fitness can be obtained here

Tanning at the Bally Total Fitness Fisher's Landing Club is still provided by EuroTan USA

and we invite you to call us 360.604.0333

The rest of this website is available for nostalgic and historic reasons



Greetings Health Experience Members and Guests,


Did you attend the Health Experience Expo? It was a fun event and everyone had such a great time. My kids personally enjoyed all the huge air filled toys in the gym. Now that we are all back in the swing of things, we want to help keep you and your family on track with your fitness goals. With that in mind, Health Experience Athletic Club, is opening its doors on Monday, December 16th for an Open House event. You are invited to bring your friends and family for a day at the club - all on us. It's a proven fact, that having family and friends involved in supporting each other's better health absolutely increases the opportunities for success. Also during the Open House, Health Experience will be offering a very informative seminar called "Why Weight?" The experts from Apex Fitness Solutions will expose the truths and myths about your weight management. Seating is limited so please sign up at the front desk. Visit for more information.


I know you are busy, but for this holiday season consider giving a "health experience" to someone special. Its our holiday promotion - check it out! And one last piece of information, farther down in this Newsletter is an article written by Dawn Chacon, one of our very own trainers - it is a great read.

Joe Melo



Give a “health experience” to someone special!

As the holidays are upon us, now is the time to remember that special someone. Your dad, mom, son, husband, wife or friend can all use a new lease on life. You can help!. Health Experience is now offering a holiday membership special.

The gift includes:

1. Enrollment fee

2. First month’s dues

3. Signature Health Experience Work Out Bag

4. Meal Replacement Shaker Bottle

5. Apex Vitamins

6. Meal Replacement and Bars

7. Health Experience tee shirt

8. Personalized Gift Certificate

All for only $199 plus tax. This is for a single membership. Couple and Family rates are also available.

Stop by the club and see the display for yourself! Call membership services

for details 360.891.1698




From the desk of Dawn Chacon—

Getting the Most of Your Cardiovascular Workout

Trudging along on the treadmill, climbing up the stair mill, or gliding along the cross trainer . . .

are you getting the most out of your time spent? Whatever your goal may be, cardiovascular exercise is part of the equation. One of the most common goals for spending the 30 minutes pumping your heart is fat loss. However, the misconception is that dripping with sweat equals an effective workout. The best determinate of a thoroughly productive workout is working within your Target Heart Rate Zone... If you would like to read the rest of Dawn's article come read it at



Thanks for reading,

Joe, Bill and the Newsletter gang






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